Wicked Tickets Omaha

Fri, May 9 2014 at 8:00 PM (15 Days)

Orpheum Theatre - Omaha - Omaha, NE

Wicked Orpheum Theatre - Omaha
Omaha, NE
Fri, May 9 2014
8:00 PM
Wicked Omaha Tickets Guarantee
Wicked Omaha Tickets Guarantee

Your Wicked Omaha Tickets are Secure.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if:

  • You do not receive your tickets in time for the event;
  • Your tickets provided by the seller do not allow entry into the event;
  • Your event is cancelled and not rescheduled.

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About Our Wicked Omaha Tickets

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Ticket FAQ
Where do the Wicked Omaha Tickets for sale on BigOmahaTickets.com come from?
BigOmahaTickets.com's online exchange inventory results in a massive marketplace for event tickets. Wicked Omaha Tickets come from firms, box office promoters, licensed ticket sellers and individuals who have their Wicked Omaha Tickets on hand and either do not need them or want to sell them. Sellers use the Big Omaha Tickets online exchange to sell their extra tickets. When customers order Wicked Omaha Tickets from our website, their order is filled by the ticket seller who listen them on our site. Even though we manages the online exchange for the tickets, we do not actually hold the tickets.
Is my transaction safe?
When you purchase from BigOmahaTickets.com you can rest assured that you are conducting a secure online transaction. We have worked tireless to provide better security then was is considered standard internet security. To help provide this peace of mind our websites and offices are PCI compliant and McAfee Secure. All questions that you may have about your order will be handled promptly and efficiently by our customer service team. In addition, if there are any problems or delays with a seller not being able to fulfill your order, we guarantee your purchase 100%.
Will my seats be together?
Wicked Omaha Tickets are guaranteed to be together unless the seller's notes say otherwise. If tickets are listed in a general category zone, section, or row, we guarantee that they will be together. Examples of these sorts of notes are "Zone A" "Section 200" "Row 102" etc.

There will be times when the notes will say something to the effect of "Section 2, rows A-Z" or "Section 2, Rows A and B, piggybacked." This means that the seats may not be together. If they are "piggybacked," it means one seat is in front of the other, but that they are in 2 separate rows.

Why can't I purchase a certain quantity of tickets?
Sellers prefer to list tickets in at least pairs as to increase the chance that they will be able to sell all the tickets in a listing. Entertainment events are social occasions that people typically attend with friends and family. Trying to sell a single ticket is hard and therefore sellers try to avoid being stuck with them by offering them in larger quantities.
Why aren't seat numbers listed for the tickets?
Our ticket sellers don't list seat numbers to prevent the double-booking of tickets. Since transactions on BigOmahaTickets.com take place in real time, it is possible for a set of tickets to be purchased at the exact same time by two different people. In order to prevent this confusion, our sellers instead list general rows and sections. They often have several different groups of tickets in those same areas which allows them to fulfill many different orders without buyers getting upset, or disappointed.
What is Zone Seating?
Zone seating is a recent introduction in the secondary ticket market that emulates entertainment trends in Europe. The seating itself involves venues being geographically demarcated into carious chunks according to some visual model. The chunks concerned are often dubbed "Zones" and randomly drawn and marked with varying creativity. The zones could be labeled as A, B, C, or Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Event goers are then given options to purchase seats based solely on their zone location. Please note that some sellers will choose to specify seating location in greater detail in their ticket notes.
What is an E-Ticket?
E-tickets are printed on paper and unlike regularly printed tickets will typically not have pictures or designs on them. They will however have a bar code and it is that bar code that will allow entry into the venue.
What is a Paperless Ticket?
Paperless tickets are not like traditional event paper tickets and they do not involve having a physical ticket in hand. These tickets require the ticket seller to go with you to the venue's box office. Our ticket listings will let you know whether the tickers are paperless with notes such as "I will be attending the event and will accompany you to the box office venue."
What is a Flash Ticket?
Flash tickets are new and innovative tickets used be event promoters. Customers with "flash" tickets get their tickets by swiping a credit card (the credit card used for the original ticket purchase) at a venue kiosk. This kiosk will then print out a ticket receipt that the event goer takes to venue personnel as a means to gain entry into the event. Ticket sellers usually arrange flash ticketing by mailing customers a gift card that was used by the seller initially to purchase the tickets. This card would contain the initial purchase information for the order and would generate a viable receipt. (Customer should contact their seller directly with any additional questions about flash ticketing.)
Do I have to pay sales tax?
Taxes on ticket purchases will vary from state to state and can even vary between locations in various states. What this means is that local and/or state taxes are not calculated on our checkout page during the purchase process. Ticketing taxes are based upon the location of the local seller supplying an order and are most prevalent in Texas, Chicago, California, Michigan, and Canada.
What if Wicked Omaha is canceled?
In the case that Wicked Omaha gets permanently canceled you are entitled to a 100% refund.
When will my Wicked Omaha Tickets ship, and how soon will they arrive?
Most of our ticket sellers make their tickets available to you before they have even been printed. This allows customers to have an edge in obtaining great seats in advance. Since this opportunity occurs, tickets may not be "in hand" at the time of your purchase. The sellers notes will often let you know when an order will ship so that you will no the latest date to expect the arrival of your tickets. They may also let you know that the tickets are in hand" which means that they can ship immediately. All tickets are shipped FedEx, and once your Wicked Omaha Tickets have been mailed, you will receive a tracking number which will allow you to track the delivery of your purchase. However, we guarantee that your event tickets will arrive in time. View our 100% Guarantee for more details.
How are my Wicked Omaha Tickets shipped?
All of our tickets are shipped via FedEx. Using FedEx is not only secure and safe for the buyers on our website, but also for the sellers. FedEx allows our ticket sellers to ensure that your purchase has arrived on time and to the proper recipient. It also allows the buyer to see where their tickets are, and when they can expect delivery.
Will a signature be required for my ticket delivery?
Generally, yes, sellers will require a signature for ticket delivery. This is to protect the sellers on our website, ensuring that the tickets are physically received by someone, rather then left on your door step. There are some sellers however that will not require a signature for delivery. If the signature requirement causes problems for you, you can contact the ticket seller direct and waive the signature requirement. Please keep in mind however that the signature requirement offers security for not only you, but for the seller as well. Other options in lieu of waiving the signature requirement include:
  • Pick up your tickets after hours at the FedEx facility mentioned on the delivery door tag
  • Call FedEx and ask them to keep the tickets at their local branch until you are able to retrieve them.
  • Call FedEx and ask if you can change the delivery time on the package to a time when it is more likely someone will be there to receive them.
  • Leave the FedEx driver a note to please leave the tickets.
Wicked Omaha is too soon for shipping and I would like tickets. What can I do?
Most ticket sellers will choose to deliver tickets close to the event by one of three methods:
  • Will Call - Will-call means you will pick your purchased tickets up at the venue box office window
  • Local Pick-up - Local Pick-up will require that you will pick your purchased tickets up at a location that will not be more then 30 minutes away from the event.
  • Email - Email means that the seller will email you the tickets prior to the show
Please understand that delivery methods are chosen at the discretion of the seller. Be sure to choose tickets where the listing specifically states one of these methods, or you may contact the seller after purchasing your tickets to confirm how you will pick your tickets up. Take note that same-day order tickets are subjected to the $15.00 Near-term delivery option.
Can I ship to a P.O. Box?
Yes, tickets may be shipped to P.O. Boxes. You need to be sure that you un-check the box next to "use my billing address as the chipping address" in the checkout procedures and enter the P.O. Box Information.
Can tickets be shipped to somewhere other than my billing address?
Yes, customers do have the opportunity to request and alternate shipping address for most orders placed through Big Omaha Tickets. There are certain restrictions that are based on the total of the ticket order. In addition, sellers may require a signed authorization from you if they desire documentation that you accept the alternative shipping address. The alternate shipping policy is as follows:
  • If the order is less than $750, the seller is expected to ship the tickets to the alternate shipping address
  • If the order is between $750 and $5000, the seller has the opportunity to reject the ticket order due to the address issue or they can accept the change and ship the tickets to the shipping address stated.
  • If the order is $5000 or more, no alternative shipping address is allowed.
Can I change my shipping address after purchasing my tickets?
Customers who would like to change the shipping address after their order is placed need to contact the seller directly. Sellers are very conscious about security and will likely only change your delivery information if it is completely necessary.
When will I receive my email tickets?
Some sellers may offer email as a delivery option. This does not mean that your tickets will be emailed immediately. Some venues do not electronize tickets until close to the event and some ticket sellers will wait to electronize tickets until after receiving a ticket order.
What if something happens to my order? Is there a purchase guarantee?
We want to make sure that all of our sellers provide customers with the tickets that they were promised. In order to protect you, the buyer, Big Omaha Tickets offers the following money back guarantees:
  • Your order is accepted by but not delivered to you by the seller
  • Your order is accepted by but shipped too late be the seller for the tickets to arrive in time for the event
  • Your event is canceled entirely and there is no reschedule date provided. 100% refund for a canceled event excludes the cost of shipping
  • You were denied entry because of the tickets or because of invalid tickets sold to you by the seller. Verifiable proof must be presented by the venue in written letter format. Written or stamped "voids" will not constitute verifiable proof.
Can I combine shipping?
Similar to other large online shopping companies (such as Amazon), our inventory in our exchange comes from many different sellers. Because there are so many independent sellers we can not guarantee combined shipping. There are cases however, when some or all of your tickets are from one seller. You may contact the seller after your order is confirmed and request that the shipping be combined. This service is at the discretion of the seller and can not be guaranteed.
Omaha Ticket Guarantee
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