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EventVenue Date/Time 
Cher, Pat Benatar & Neil GiraldoCenturyLink Center Omaha (Formerly Qwest Center)
Omaha, NE
8:00 PM

Cher Tickets Omaha FAQ

Where do the Cher Omaha Tickets for sale on Big Omaha Tickets come from?'s online exchange inventory results in a massive marketplace for event tickets. Cher Omaha Tickets come from firms, box office promoters, licensed ticket sellers and individuals who have their Cher Tickets Omaha on hand and either do not need them or want to sell them. Sellers use the Big Omaha Tickets online exchange to sell their extra tickets. When customers order Cher Tickets Omaha from our website, their order is filled by the ticket seller who listen them on our site. Even though we manages the online exchange for the tickets, we do not actually hold the tickets.

Is my transaction safe?
When you purchase from you can rest assured that you are conducting a secure online transaction. We have worked tireless to provide better security then was is considered standard internet security. To help provide this peace of mind our websites and offices are PCI compliant and McAfee Secure. All questions that you may have about your order will be handled promptly and efficiently by our customer service team. In addition, if there are any problems or delays with a seller not being able to fulfill your order, we guarantee your Cher Omaha Tickets 100%.

What if Cher Omaha is canceled?
In the case that Cher Omaha gets permanently canceled you are entitled to a 100% refund.

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